Be your own boss. Nothing beats that. SelectCleaning is like a work-for-yourself club


“SelectCleaning helped us get started really quickly. Not only have we got the
security of the work guarantee but we’ve also found our own clients.”

Azzim & SeemaAuckland

“I earn really good money for short hours. It’s good – my customers pay me every time I clean and I have time to study.”


“Having a SelectCleaning business was the fastest way for us to realise our dream of owning a business. We feel we are now on the ladder to success.”

Simon & HelenAuckland

“I was working in a factory on rotating shifts. Now I only work during the day, customers pay me after each job and I have more time with family.”


“I was working as a taxi driver spending 12 –14 hours a day on the road. I was working too many hours for not enough money. I started with a great income, I now employ a person to help me, I make more money than I did driving and my costs are really low. I can also grow as big as I like.”


My wife and I were both working long hours for a supermarket. My wife was pregnant and we wanted more time for family. I was worried about how I was going to find customers. But the Select guarantee gave me confidence that this would not be a problem and it wasn’t, I got my work quicker than I thought I would and found I could get extra work easily. Between us, my wife and I earn more than we did previously and my wife only works part time.”


“I could not find a good job, I was looking for work during school hours so I could look after my two children. Now I am earning more than I thought I would. I started with $2000 a month and quickly built to $3,100. But I cannot do more now and still look after my children. It is an easy business with good training. They are nice to work with. I can be at home for my children and still earn money for the family.”


“I am earning more in my own business for less hours. My friend told me about SelectCleaning. They got work for me and their fees were low. I earn more than working for someone else. I like having my own business.”


“I was working at night cleaning offices which did not pay very well and I wanted to make more money. Select showed me that home cleaning rates were better and customers paid me directly. Now I am earning good money and employing someone to help me. I prefer working during the day so I can be at home at night with my family.”


We have 29 homes on our books so far and are already earning over $6000 dollars a month. We love it that we can now choose what hours we work.”

Siming & LingMelbourne

“My youngest child had just started school and I needed to find work that fitted with her school hours. A friend was a franchisee with Select and suggested them. I got work really quickly and have lovely customers. I like that I can easily change my day around to fit what my kids are doing.”


“We had both just finished our business degrees and we wanted to work together. Within three months we were getting our own customers and expanding faster than we thought so now we are earning more than we estimated. We love working together. We both get home at the same time!”

Fiona & JingSydney

“I was working long hours. I wanted to make as much money for less hours. I saw a SelectCleaning van and rang them. Select showed me what other franchisees were doing and how I could work fewer hours. They have done what they said they were going to do and have helped me a lot. Customers are very friendly, they pay me when I am finished and I have more control over what I earn.”


“People who join SelectCleaning have the opportunity to build a business using tried and tested systems that have been well proven by our franchisees all over Australasia”

Increasingly busy lifestyles mean that professional cleaning services are no longer a luxury enjoyed solely by the wealthy.

Everything you need to get started


When you purchase the franchise you gain the right to use the SelectCleaning business system utilising our name, marketing systems, support, and technical expertise. You will receive comprehensive training, equipment, uniform, business cards and manuals. In fact, everything you need to get started with your new business quickly, and that also includes a client base.

Double Business Guarantee

At the heart of a SelectCleaning franchise is the Double Business Guarantee which will make you feel even better about starting your own business. The DBG is subject to the terms of the Franchise Agreement but you can learn more about how this unique guarantee supports you. Supply contact details and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss all the benefits.

There are now over 300 Australian and New Zealand franchisees in the SelectCleaning club who have more than 7000 clients.

SelectCleaning is a highly developed franchise system that always ensures its franchisees will receive superior guarantees, superior support and ongoing investment satisfaction.

This inspirational 126-page book will be our gift to you when we meet. Franchise experts and business coaches, Marc Camras and Melissa Woods have been working successfully with new franchisees and business owners for close to two decades. Take the sound advice in this hands-on guide and learn the formula for becoming and staying a top producing franchisee.

Make it happen


Finance Available

Not everyone is suitable for a Select franchise. We’re looking for people with drive and commitment who want to exit the rat race and become their own boss so they can live a far more fulfilling lifestyle. But if you measure up and can convince us that you will make a great member of our work-for-yourself club, we can help you a lot with the financing of your own SelectCleaning Franchise.

“It’s not a job, it’s a business.”